I am a 31-year-old female graduate student who lives in Alabama. Some of my main interests are books (crime, drama, romance, bios, history, philosophy), movies (a little of everything from Legally Blonde to Saw), music (a little of almost everything from pop to hip hop). I have a few hobbies that I don’t really make much time for these days but I like traveling, swimming, pool, video games, amusement parks, concerts/theatre, etc. There a few things that I don’t particularly enjoy like  eating broccoli and cleaning my house. I try to force myself to do them anyway or at least make myself feel guilty for not doing them. I’m a little bit of a neat freak so the cleaning part is one of natures little cruel jokes.

I decided to blog about the books that I read because I like to get my thoughts out. I don’t know if anyone will actually read them but whatever.


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