Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie Myer’s Eclipse, similar to its predecessors, is extremely seductive and packed with forbidden romance and turmoil. But the one thing that this book has over Twilight and New Moon is, without a doubt, suspense. It starts off somewhat slow in the beginning. It’s almost like the author wants to torture you just to see how much you can take. But all of that suspense definitely pays off in the end. Toward the middle of the book you start to get pulled in a few different directions by the characters. The action and suspense picks up dramatically, almost to the point of exhaustion. This is a good thing.

Eclipse takes the love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob to new levels. This is, of course, the most fascinating part of the book and its core. You get a deeper understanding of the characters feelings. You see an almost unhealthy and inhuman kind of forgiveness and patience, particularly on Edward’s part, which is believable considering that he is not human. Jacob forces Bella into a realization that she never saw coming that only heightens her struggle. And in the middle of all of that, there are enemies to contend with and major, life altering decisions to make.

In the end, the characters aren’t the only people torn between one path or the other. As a reader, I was torn right along with them. Eclipse absolutely lives up to the standard that the first two books set and, in some cases, surpasses it.


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